EPF Balance Check Online in 6 Methods


Check Your PF Account Balance in Easy Steps

One can now without any trouble check, enquiry as well keep track of the EPF or the Employee Provident Fund account balance in numerous ways. And EPFO, the managing organisation has incorporated many methods through which employees can check their EPF balance. Learn how to check EPF balance online in simple steps:

  1. Check EPF balance enquiry by uan number

UAN or the Universal Account Number is a number that is given to the employees who are part of the Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF). One should remember that this number remains constant even if you tend to change the job. You can even generate this number all by yourself. EPFO provides an account to every UAN due to which one can avail many facilities.

In addition to this, if UAN is activated, you receive an SMS every month updating you on your PF contribution and any available balance.

  1. Check epf balance through member portal

Though UAN portal has kind of replaced member portal to download the PF passbook; still, member portal stands to be useful in many aspects such as the following –

  1. By chance if you forget UAN password or are unable to login
  2. To use member portal, one requires only the PF number
  • Registering is easy as Member Portal requires only the KYC documents
  1. KYC and Mobile number are required to login here and there is no requirement for any other password
  2. Once you are logged in, you can without any trouble check PF account balance; as you will be required to only give the PF number to download PF passbook. However, for verification, one time password or +OTP is sent to the mobile number.
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  1. Check EPF account balance through mobile application

Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation has launched the EPF Mobile App which tells the EPF balance, besides this one can activate UAN with the help of this app.

In addition to this, employers as well as pensioners can use this app. While the employer checks transaction status of PF contribution, pensioners check pension status using this app. Individuals will be able to download this app from the official website of EPFO and to check balance in the PF account one has to enter the registered mobile as well as the UAN number. Remember that this facility is available only to the members who have activated their UAN number.

  1. Know how to check EPF balance through missed call service

One of the easiest way to check your PF account balance is EPF Missed Call Service. All you have to do is give a missed call on the specified number and in a very short time you will receive an SMS about your latest balance in the PF account. Moreover, this facility is a free service. One can save the number given below –

Enquiry Number to check PF (Provident Fund) Balance – 011 2290 1406 (just give a missed call on this number)

  1. Check EPF balance status through mobile sms

One can opt for this service in place of the Missed Call service. Though this service is similar to that of the Missed Call Service, there is a plus point here as people can select the language they wish to get the message in. To know the EPF balance, you will have to send an SMS to a number that has been mentioned below –

SMS should be sent to 7738 299 899

Format of the SMS to check the EPF balance is – EPFOHO space UAN space <LAN>

For example – EPFOHO UAN ENG

Remember that the 1st three characters of he preferred language are to be typed.

Benefits of EPF SMS Service

One will be able to check the errors in the record as it gives the name and date of birth; thereby you can easily correct them. It lets us know the KYC documents that are linked apart from checking whether EPFO has the bank details. Finally, you will know the contribution of the month and the amount.

  1. Know your EPF balance online all over India

Though enquiring the EPF balance online is used by none still it would be better if you have a little idea as to what it is. To check the PF balance using this method, you will have to give the PF membership details in the Know Your PF Balance Page wherein you will be required to give PF and mobile number.

Employee and employer’s contribution and the pension amount are separately known through this method. Follow the steps given below to check PF balance using this method –

  • Select EPFO office where you have an account
  • Enter PF Account number
  • If your account does not have any extension then do not write anything in the extension field
  • Enter PF account and mobile numbers. Both phone number and PF account number are recorded
  • Once this is done, details about the PF balance are sent through an SMS on the number that you have provided earlier

Lastly, it is advised to all that you keep checking your EPF on a regular basis.

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