Things to remember when you use a Credit Card

Credit card has these days become a style statement to some people. But this is not the truth. We can most of the times see people go on a shopping spree when it comes to using a credit card; however, we have to keep a few things in mind before jumping to conclusions. Read this […]

Stamp duty & property purchase facts you should know

Buying a property involves a number of things & among these things is one of the most important thing that goes by the name – stamp duty. This stamp duty also happens to be different from the usual registration fee that is charged by the authorities. As per Section 3 of the Indian Stamp Duty […]

Parliament clears GST

It was the turn of Lok Sabha to pass the bill, which is also being named as a major tax reform right from the time India became an independent country. The bill which was earlier passed by the Rajya Sabha & for the 1st time in history had been supported by almost all the parties; […]

Steps to update minor’s PAN Card

PAN or as most of us also know that it is a Permanent Account Number is generally issued to the people. This card is issued by the Income Tax Department to the people who apply for it or to whom the Income Tax Department deems fit to be allotted. Moreover, a PAN card is also […]

Companies can now get TAN / PAN in a day

Companies have quite a tough task at hand when it comes to registering either for TAN or PAN. But times are changing now & with this change, it would certainly be a new beginning for the companies. As we are here talking about the registration of PAN / TAN which is stated be paperless. Apart […]

Income Tax Rules for the NRIs

It is sometimes a difficult situation to face when it comes to the Income tax especially the Non – Resident Indians or who are also popular by the name – NRIs. When it comes to the tax purposes, those Indians who spend 182 days or less than that are considered as the non – resident. […]

Driving Licences will Turn Expensive

It came as a surprise to notice that the driving licences will be turning expensive soon. The Union Government has recently come up with the latest facts that the price of driving licences both the fresh & the renewal would go up & this would be applicable to all the types of vehicles. Well, this […]

GST bill – 1 nation, 1 tax

The GST bill or the Goods & Services Tax bill, India has become the talk of the town for a long time now. With the GST bill making through the sessions, it is now to see as to what will be the consequences of this bill. It can be termed to be a historic day […]

Deadline extended to file Income Tax Returns / ITR

Income tax is one tax which is levied on either the individuals or the entities. Basically, the Income Tax is imposed on the tax payers. In this article, we have mentioned the latest updates as far as the deadline or the due date to file the Income Tax is concerned. Read on to know more […]

UK Passport Renewal Process with Application Form

Are you looking at renewing your British passport? If yes, then this article on UK passport renewal process with application form will be of help as we have very clearly stated the process to renew a UK passport. Read on to know more. Eligibility to renew a British Passport To renew a United Kingdom passport, […]

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